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The extra lenses with your smartphones camera, discussed

Purchase a current camera and multiple cameras, each impacting the standard final image. Recently, the creation of "high-end" phones such as the Nokia PureView, but The extra lenses much larger, is much more precise. Here they correspond to more images, for example very modern phones. Some phones have a contact lens. If you wish, you can do it.

Huawei introduced its two new flagship mobile phones, the P30 and the Seasoned P30, at a press conference at both mobile phones are equipped with a new SuperSpectrum contact lens for images much softer and softer, and the Seasoned P30 comes with a periscope contact lens that uses a prism to take almost lossless photos at around 10x. We had the opportunity to understand mobile phones in advance during an occasion in Ny. We should have more regular specifications processed. The P30 Seasoned has half a dozen. 47- "OLED presents a fingerprint indicator.The gift is rounded, with waterproof goggles, unlike the P20 Seasoned and a very small level for your camera.It can be controlled by the Huawei Kirin 980 processor, at the best Finished with 8GB RAM The storage space is available in 128GB, 256GB or 512GB, without microSD slot machine. To complete the hardware, you can use a Feline 21 cable box that is capable of at least one. 4 Gbps. Exploited is given with an electric battery of 200 mAh which includes 40W of Huawei Turbo charge, which can ask the phone cameralens.biz features for 70% in just fifteen minutes. In addition, there is a 15W fast wireless charging as well as a reverse demand. The phone comes in a number of color gradients: Ruby Dawn purple to orange, Aurora blue to dark, Breathing Gem amethyst to blue and Bead White mostly opalescent. Dark basic model for ladies for those who prefer a more traditional look. Regardless of the color, the phone has an IP68 rating for protection against dust and drinking water. While current creations are challenging, the next target is the camera. Leica owns a number of cameras with Leica marketing marketing.

Having a design to minimize zoom aberration, it was acquired for Nikon cameras. Its circular blades stop producing. zoom dozen. five. Cat autofocus in extended position of Rokinon. Features 7 sharp edge that prevents results p okerAndtwenty-two. The 35 mm highlights up to 13. Several filters of 49 mm 40 mm Batteries is intended for cameras close to 9. four with a zoom factor of 1: 3. 3. Auto Focus supports finishing information T2 of Zeiss. against Huawei Tips P30, moisture dust, "express-of-the-art, says an apochromatic attenuation.


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